Siskiyou Moves Forward With Hemp Regulations

After a lengthy meeting this month, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors sent a draft hemp cultivation ordinance back to the Planning Commission to be revised.

The Daily Independent reports:

The draft proposal, created by the Siskiyou Planning Department at the request of the Board of Supervisors, outlines a number of rules including: a 40-acre minimum lot size for cultivation, AG-1 or AG-2 zoning, 1,000-foot setbacks from residential zones and other gathering places such as churches and daycares, spot testing of fields, abatement measures for non-compliance, and compliance with county and state ordinances involving riparian setbacks. A ban on indoor cultivation, except for clones and seedlings, and random inspections by the County Agriculture Commissioner are also included in the draft. Furthermore, the county will collect an application fee of at least $900, plus additional fees to be set by the state, to fund the administration of the program.

Some farmers who would like to capitalize on the growing industry took issue with the 40-acre limit. Odor and signage were other points that came up for debate. Despite the complaints, supervisors decided to stick with a 40-acre limit while mandating 1000-foot setbacks and uniform signage.

The ordinance is scheduled for a second reading next month.

Read the proposed ordinance at