Two Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies Have Died From Coronavirus

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has lost two of its deputies to the coronavirus. The deaths both occurred within a 24-hour period. Deputy Terrell Young, 52, passed away Thursday morning. David Werksman, 51, died Thursday night.

The deputies’ deaths came two days after the Santa Rosa Police Department announced the passing of one of its detectives from COVID-19.

The deaths of these three public safety officers last week has underscored first responders’ vulnerability to this virus. With rates of infection rising in police departments across the country, there are growing concerns about the impact on public health and safety.

California's public safety departments can look to New York to see what could happen here. One in six NYPD officers is out sick and multiple officers have died.

The sheriff’s departments of San Bernardino and San Francisco are grappling with a rise of infected officers as well.



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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