Mapping California’s reopening: What’s your county’s status?

The phased-in approach to reopening California’s economy has left many people confused. Some counties are opening; others are not. Some are in line with State guidelines, while others are deliberately defying them. So where does your county stand?

The Los Angeles Times has mapped out the status of California’s 58 counties, providing information about which phase they’re in, what it means, and whether they are in compliance with the state guidelines at all.

Maps show non-essential retail is open in more than a dozen counties, mostly with restrictions. Over a dozen counties have also opened restaurants and bars. Just eight counties still have closed parks. And just one county, Modoc, has allowed schools to reopen.

The Times also summarizes the various shelter-in-place orders in each county.

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Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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