Californians Continue the Trek to Texas

If Texas does indeed turn blue this November, the yearslong exodus of Californians to the Lone Star State will be one major reason.

It’s a trend that continues even during the coronavirus pandemic, according to reporting from Marketplace. The news organization spoke to members of a “Move to Texas From California!” Facebook page and a Riverside county resident who’s moving to Texas in early July. Despite the difficult logistics of the pandemic and explosive virus rates in places like Houston, the soon-to-be ex-pats are not disuaded. 

More than 86,000 Californians packed up and left for the Lone Star State in 2018, according to a 2020 Texas Relocation Report published by Texas Realtors. That represents a 36% increase. Motivations range from cost of living and lack of affordable housing to political climate, high taxation, and legislation that is onerous for small business.