PPIC Releases New Statewide Survey

Despite great concerns about the state of the economy, a majority of Californians fear their state and local governments may move too quickly reopen businesses and schools. Their trust in the federal government remains low, with a steady but low approval rating of 35% for President Trump. By contrast, they give the governor high marks (65% approval).

Those are just some of the things we have learned from the latest statewide survey conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California. The Californians and Their Government survey results are based on responses from 1,706 California adult residents conducted from May 17–26, 2020.

Some further highlights:

  • When it comes to the virus, 48% believe the worst is to come. 46% say the worst is behind us. 6% aren’t sure.
  • 35% say the virus has caused them or someone in their household to be laid off. 51% say either they or someone in their household has had to take a pay cut.
  • 69% approve of the way the governor is handling the pandemic.
  • Despite the state’s budget woes, 60% do not want to see taxes raised.
  • 73% support sending mail-in ballots to all registered voters, including 94% of Democrats. Just 37% of Republicans think this is a good idea.