Sacramento County Office of Education Releases School Reopening Guidelines

In a 36-page document released Tuesday, Sacramento County officials outlined a series of actions that need to be taken by schools and parents to facilitate the safe reopening of classrooms.

The guidelines call for:

  • Regular temperature checks by parents
  • Staggered attendance
  • Six-foot separation between desks and limited school bus seating
  • Face coverings for students and staff

Sacramento County schools are scheduled to reopen in the middle of August and city schools are scheduled to open the following month. But nothing is certain.

“We have about 10 weeks between now and when schools would be scheduled to reopen, and my message here is that things will change in two weeks and four weeks and six weeks,” Sacramento County Superintendent Dave Gordon said (KCRA) “Conditions will change. And for us school people, the watchword for us has been staying flexible and staying nimble. So as districts prepare under the guidance of [public health officials] – able to change their direction based on changes in the circumstances and the guidance that comes forward.”



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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