These counties reopened a month ago. They have no regrets.

Yuba and Sutter counties defied the state’s shelter-in-place order and reopened high-risk businesses like restaurants, hair salons, malls, and gyms just over a month ago. So far, they say they feel good about their decisions.

“The two rural Northern California counties have a combined population of close to 175,000 and recorded 50 coronavirus cases and three deaths on May 1. As of June 4, the case total has increased to 79, but the death toll remains three,” SF Gate reports. “There are currently two individuals hospitalized due to COVID-19 in the two counties at this time.”

Yuba County Spokesman Russ Brown believes increased testing accounts for the discovery of many of the new cases. The county welcomed a new testing facility at the same time as its reopening. Most of the cases have been clustered within families or members of the same household, he said.

Yuba and Sutter did not reopen without restrictions. Businesses were still mandated to require six feet of physical distance between customers. Bars, nightclubs, churches, and other large events were still prohibited.

“They’re making a big mistake," Gavin Newsom said at the time. For now, Sutter and Yuba have no regrets.