Unrest Leads to Shutdown of COVID Testing Centers in L.A.

Los Angeles County is struggling to balance recent unrest with an ongoing pandemic that has now killed nearly 107,000 people nationwide.

Los Angeles County saw another 60 coronavirus deaths on Tuesday. That figure comes amid mass protests, with thousands of demonstrators standing shoulder-to-shoulder in L.A. streets.

On Saturday, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the closure of all L.A. City coronavirus testing facilities as a result of riots and looting. At least 20 out of the 30 testing sites overseen by the city and county have been affected by recent events.

Health officials are trying to manage their concerns about a COVID resurgence while remaining sensitive to the black community’s deep sense of anguish and demands for social change.

In a statement Monday, health officials urged protesters to take precautions.

“Protesters who have had close contact with nonhousehold members not wearing face coverings, should when possible, self-quarantine at their residence for 14 days and monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms. If they develop symptoms, they should call their healthcare provider and consider testing,” the statement read.