Fast-Moving Zogg and Glass Fires Have Burned Over 96,000 Acres in Northern California So Far

At least three people are dead and nearly 100,000 acres burned in two new fires in Northern California.

The Zogg Fire in Shasta County and the Glass Fire in Napa and Sonoma erupted over the weekend during what has already been a record-setting fire season. Between all the blazes, over 3.8 million acres have burned.

The Sacramento Bee has updates on the Zogg and Glass fires here. Sonoma County residents can access this Fire Incident Map to confirm whether their home is under mandatory evacuation or an evacuation warning.

California’s ongoing wildfires came up in last night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump, once again, cited poor forest management instead of climate change as the true cause of California’s wildfires.

“The forest floors are loaded up with trees, dead trees that are like years old and they’re like tinder and leaves and everything else,” he said. “You drop a cigarette in there, the whole forest burns down. You’ve got to have forest management.” Watch the exchange here.