L.A. County Says You Can Trick or Treat This Year — But You Shouldn’t

On Tuesday, Los Angeles County health officials revised a set of Halloween guidelines they had released just one day earlier. The original guidelines said that indoor and outdoor parties, trick-or-treating, and even trunk-or-treating “are not allowed” in L.A. County this year. Neighborhood Facebook groups devolved into chaos, as parents fretted over how to celebrate the holiday and began arguing, once again, over the wisdom of social distancing measures.

But within 24 hours, county authorities had changed their tune. While parties are still banned, trick-or-treating is now listed as "not recommended.”

This is’t the first time a pandemic has upended Halloween. Holiday festivities were banned during the Spanish Influenza of 1918. Even then, people defied the orders.

Parents who decide to abide by the recommendations will have to get creative. It’s already starting.



Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 04:21

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