Shasta Rescinds Flu Shot Order for Health Care Workers

Shasta County has rescinded a public health order requiring all health care workers to receive a flu vaccine this year.

Health experts are dreading the possibility of a “twindemic” this winter, as coronavirus collides with the regular flu season, potentially overwhelming hospitals. Shasta health officials say they were trying to combat that problem with the public health order. An outcry ensued, with some health care workers and members of the Board of Supervisors calling it an infringement on personal rights. The order was rescinded by County Health Officer Karen Ramstrom Thursday.

Under a 2013 policy that remains in effect, health care workers now have a choice: they must either receive the flu vaccine or wear a face mask.

Dr. Ramstrom hopes health care personnel will protect themselves and their community by doing both.

“Masks and vaccination together offer the best protection than either of them alone for our healthcare workers and the community,” she said.

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