Orange County Conducts Voluntary Audit of Election Ballots

Orange County election officials are conducting an audit of local ballots to assuage any concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election. The audit is voluntary and being undertaken to provide “strong statistical evidence” that the election results are accurate. An algorithm will be used to select high-risk ballots. They will then be checked against recorded results. A hand tally will also take place for 1% of all precincts.

“Conducting a risk-limiting audit is an excellent way to audit elections and provide an important check on the integrity of the election process,” said Registrar Neal Kelley. “This is a valuable opportunity to utilize the enhanced auditing capability of Orange County’s voting system, while at the same time ensuring that the outcomes are true and correct.”

While there are no indications of significant error or fraud, unfounded claims made by President Trump have sowed doubt with a high percentage of the Republican voters. Kelley did his best to dismiss some of those claims last week.

“A federally certified voting system cannot have a known error of more than 1 in 10 million ballots cast. Tell me, other than maybe medicine, where you have that kind of strict reliance on accuracy. … I’m standing behind it for a reason. The system is precise.”

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