L.A. County Will No Longer Prosecute an Array of Crimes

L.A. County’s new district attorney is already ushering in dramatic changes. Last week, California County News covered a set of new policies, including the elimination of cash bail and gang enhancements. A subsequent memo from Dist. Atty. George Gascón shows L.A. County will no longer prosecute a host of crimes.

The list of offenses that will no longer be pursued for criminal prosecution in L.A. County include:

  • Trespassing that does not pose an imminent risk to safety*
  • Disturbing the peace*
  • Driving without a valid license*
  • Non-domestic criminal threats*
  • Drug possession
  • Minor possession of alcohol
  • Drinking in public
  • Public intoxication
  • Loitering*
  • Loitering with intent to commit prostitution
  • Resisting arrest*

Offenses with an asterisk carry exceptions, such as repeat offenses.

“The new DA talks a good game, but his plans will do nothing but further victimize Los Angeles residents, especially Black and Hispanic residents who currently make up 70% of violent crime victims,” said the Los Angeles Police Protective League.



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