Prosecutors Slam “Hostile Takeover” of L.A. County D.A.

To hear veteran L.A. County prosecutor Paul Moll tell it, District Attorney George Gascón is better suited to lead L.A.’s public defender’s office.

“It’s all about the defendants, the defendants, the defendants," he told Fox 11 of Gascón controversial new reforms, which include getting rid of many sentencing enhancements and forgoing prosecution for a range of crimes.

“It’s like it’s been a hostile takeover of the DA’s office by the defense bar…” Moll added. “Public safety seems to have been thrown out the window. I’m supposed to argue to let serious, violent, repeat offenders that, you know, are going to go out and victimize people again, to just let them go."

Moll is not alone. Deputy DA Jonathan Hatami has also gone public with criticisms of his boss. More could soon speak out.

Gascón defeated longtime DA Jackie Lacey on November 3rd. He ran on a platform of progressive criminal justice reform and police officer accountability.