Shock claim: 1 in 3 LA County residents has had COVID-19

New scientific modeling unveiled by the county suggests that 1 in 3 L.A. County residents has been infected with COVID-19. That figure, which represents over 3 million of the county’s 10 million residents, is more than triple the number of cases that have been confirmed through testing.

The massive number of infections means the new infection rate is slowing, but the county is still a long way from herd immunity. To get there, experts estimate you’d need 75% to 80% of L.A. County residents immune from the virus.

L.A. County‘s efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus have failed. Health officials are now discussing the possibility of stricter measures. They’re likely to face even greater pushback given the county’s track record so far.



Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - 03:48

Sonoma County cannabis growers are looking forward to a much simpler permitting process that would eliminate the need for public hearings before approval.