$1.19 Billion Worth of Cannabis Seized in Antelope Valley Raids

The Antelope Valley pot raids just keep getting bigger and bigger. Last month, authorities seized 16 tons of illegal marijuana during an operation in Lancaster. The street value was a record $1.19 billion, eclipsing an earlier $50-million bust. The latest raid is now the largest in the history of the LA Sheriff's Department.

It was a multi-agency effort involving hundreds of personnel, with the LA Sheriff’s Department as the lead agency. Deputies arrested 131 people during the raid.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the massive grows were, once again, linked to international drug cartels. That sparked a statement from Republican Congressman Mike Garcia.

“This issue is plaguing the Antelope Valley and has potential to spread throughout Los Angeles County,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger, who has been pleading for a robust crackdown by the state. “I have told my colleagues it's only a matter of time before it leaves the Antelope Valley and hits down below."