OC Could Waive $25 Million in Fees For Small Businesses

Orange County small businesses impacted by the pandemic could see a $25-million reduction in local fees under a plan proposed by Supervisor Katrina Foley. Her plan would waive all county health permit fees for affected small businesses. 

“Many, many small businesses that are essentially mom and pop businesses, family owned, right here in Orange County are still struggling. And they have to pay the rent,” Foley said, as quoted by Voice of OC.

“If we can [waive] their environmental health permit fees for 2021, 2022, up to $25 million, that should be sufficient to cover anybody who has either already received an environmental health permit or who is pursuing one, then that would be a very large benefit to the small business.”

The plan would be paid for using federal bailout funds.

Foley’s proposal comes amid a new surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. From July 27 to Aug 5, hospitalizations in Orange County more than doubled from 215 to 453. By Saturday, that figure had hit 463 — the worst since February.