Counties With the Highest and Lowest Recall Turnout So Far

Tomorrow is officially Recall Election Day in California, but voting has been taking place for weeks. 6,330,575 out of 22,357,300 ballots had already been returned as of Sept. 7 — a 28.3% turnout — according to the California Secretary of State. 

SFGate recently analyzed turnout by county. Sierra has the highest turnout (47.9% of ballots returned). By contrast, Imperial County, which has the lowest, has returned just 10.5% of its ballots so far.

Despite Sierra’s big showing, Republican-leaning counties are tending to lag behind Democratic ones. This was expected, given the GOP’s preference for in-person voting on Election Day.

Turnout in the heavily Latino areas is a cause for concern for Democrats. In the three counties where Latinos comprise over 56% of the population — San Benito, Tulare and Imperial — voter turnout is below the state’s.