RivCo Sheriff Says He Won't Enforce Vaccine Mandate

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco has announced he will not enforce any COVID-19 vaccine mandates for his employees.

“It is my responsibility to protect the public from the criminal element, as well as being the last line of defense from tyrannical government overreach,” Bianco said in a statement

Bianco first addressed the issue on the department’s podcast, RSO Roundup. On the show, Bianco went even further than opposing a mandate. He questioned the vaccine’s effectiveness and championed “natural immunity” from the virus — the protection an individual gets from having already been sick.

This is par for the course for Bianco, who also criticized stay-at-home orders in the beginning of the pandemic and questioned the benefits of face coverings.

Currently, there is no local vaccine mandate for Riverside sheriff’s personnel, though the state mandates vaccines for certain employees in high-risk settings. Bianco was reacting to the impending national mandate for workplaces.



Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 04:53

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