Extremists Seek to Take Over Another NorCal County

Another far-right recall effort is brewing in Northern California, weeks after a militia-aligned recall effort succeeded in Shasta County.

The latest campaign is taking place in the county of Nevada where activists are seeking to unseat all five supervisors — Republican and Democrat alike — for “crimes against humanity.” Again, the pandemic is playing a pivotal role.

The effort is led by a longtime activist named Calvin Clark, who has been trying to recall public officials for more than two decades. Clark believes county supervisors “were part of a corrupt system under Dr. Anthony Fauci that is forcing a dangerous and untested vaccine on the masses, refusing to treat patients with ivermectin, and stripping them of their liberties by monitoring them for contact tracing," according to the Sacramento Bee. He also claims "supervisors look the other way when it comes to sex trafficking, even while ‘perversion is on the rise.'" 

The recall debate is already becoming hostile, much like it did in Shasta. The Nevada County Clerk says recall proponents recently stormed her office and shoved an employee, forcing the closure of the office lobby. The recall group disputes that characterization and says it was one of their members who was hurt.

The recall petition has already been approved, giving organizers 120 days to collect signatures from thousands of registered voters. If they can get enough people to sign, there’s a good chance the recall will succeed, experts say. That would make Shasta a true bellwether for the extreme right’s attempt to take over rural governments.