The LA Train Theft Story Just Got Much Worse

Well, apparently thieves aren’t just looting air pods and pressure cookers from those freight trains in Los Angeles. As NBC News reports, they’re taking off with firearms too.

More than 80 newly manufactured guns were among the items stolen from freight trains near Los Angeles in recent months, local police officials say.

The pilfered firearms, which included at least 36 pistols and 46 semi-automatic shotguns, were taken from a container car that was burglarized in August. The shipment’s destination was Tennessee, the Los Angeles police officials said.

Police officials don’t know the actual number of guns that have been stolen. Just a few have been recovered. The theft operations are organized by an Eastside LA gang, according to police.

“This is bigger than we thought. They aren’t just stealing shoes and stuff. This is an organized crime to the level they are stealing guns,” LAPD Capt. German Hurtado told the Los Angeles Times.

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