County Supervisor Files Lawsuit Over Five-Inch Chocolate Penis

Last June, Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks received an anonymous delivery from a novelty website called Dick at Your Door. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. They delivered a box with a five-inch piece of milk chocolate shaped like a phallus inside.

The gift was clearly sent by someone who opposes Parks politically. The message referenced a recall attempt against Parks, which ultimately failed to oust her from office. The box's interior read: “EAT A DICK!”

Dick at Your Door exists to bring laughs to customers, but Parks didn’t find it funny at all.

“The anonymous sender sent me a novelty item that crossed the line from free speech to threatening a public official with implied sexual violence,” she says. “It is without question a dangerous time to be female and a public servant as can be seen in recent harassment events of female public officials covered by the news media.”

Parks has now filed a lawsuit against the company in an attempt to reveal the identity of the sender.

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