San Diego Supes Urge Governor to Suspend Gas Tax

Should California suspend the gas tax? San Diego County supervisors think so.

A resolution calling on the governor to suspend the 51-cent per gallon tax passed last week with support from both Republicans and Democrats on the board. With the unanimous vote, San Diego has become the first county to openly call for the suspension.

“People in my district are suffering from these outrageous gas prices," said Joel Anderson, who introduced the resolution with Jim Desmond. "No one should have to choose between paying their monthly bills and affording to put gas in their car, especially when the overwhelming majority of my constituents rely on motor vehicles and there is no feasible public transportation alternative."

The board also voiced support for a gas tax rebate program and called on oil companies to lower their prices.

The average cost of a gallon of gasoline in California is now a jaw-dropping $5.875. In San Diego, it's $5.946.