Shasta CEO Matt Pontes to Step Down

Shasta County’s Executive Officer has announced his resignation. In a letter to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors, CEO Matt Pontes wrote the following:

As I approach the final six months of my three-year contract with the County, I have been carefully evaluating my time serving the people of Shasta County. It has been an honor to serve this community, work with professionals both at the County as well as throughout the community, and to lead Shasta County in delivering important services to our communities. I am proud to be leaving the County on the most solid, financial ground its seen in decades; this balanced budget will enable County leadership and staff to strategically plan and implement the priorities and goals of the Board. I am confident the County team will bring continued success in enhancing programs and facilities, that will serve the community for decades to come.

I remain impressed by the dedicated, caring, and talented team at the County. I value their incredible efforts and how they forge ahead for the greater good, despite disasters, health crises and the challenging times we've faced over the past few years. We have a Board that represents the will of our districts, department heads and leadership who are seasoned experts in their fields, and passionate community/business leaders to ensure our County remains focused on doing what is right. Among many projects I am proud to have been a part of, Shasta now has a permanent multi-disciplinary Illegal Marijuana Eradication Program & Task Force built into the budget, forward progress on a new Corrections and Rehabilitation Center, a Regional Emergency Operations Center finishing construction, and after becoming a Board and Sheriff's priority, for the first time in over a decade, our Deputy Sheriff positions are almost 100% staffed. There will be many great successes ahead, as the community continues to come together and focus on priorities.

I am grateful to have been able to serve Shasta County

Supervisor Mary Rickert issued a statement on Pontes' departure:

In true class and professionalism, Shasta County CEO Mattew Pontes informed each member of the Board of his departure personally. Pontes wanted us to hear of his decision and upcoming departure from him, then he planned to share the news with his Executive Team and our County Staff, which respect him immensely.

"Its a sad day for Shasta County. I was not surprised,” she said. “He has had to lead in one of the most difficult political climates and hostile work environments that any CEO has ever encountered, probably in any county. Irregardless, he has accomplished so many achievements for our County and led us through numerous natural disasters and crises. I could go down the list of improvements and projects he strategically planned and implemented for the citizens of Shasta County. He’s a tremendous leader."