Experts Urge Central Valley Counties to Test for New Strain of Fentanyl

A form of fentanyl that is at least five times stronger than the original drug has arrived in California. In 2022, fluorofefntanyl claimed the lives of 45 people in San Francisco. While it hasn’t been detected in the Central Valley yet, experts say it is bound show up sooner or later.

Flindt Anderson, President and Founder at Parents & Addicts In Need (P.A.I.N.), is concerned that the drug could fly under the radar because many county coroner offices lack the funds to test for different forms of fentanyl. In an interview with ABC 30, Anderson urged the valley’s counties to begin testing for the new strain.

When the drug was first detected in the United States, one of the most pressing questions was whether it would be responsive to the opioid reversal drug Narcan. The answer, fortunately, is yes.

The California Department of Health states that those at risk of opioid overdose, or those with family and friends who are at risk of opioid overdose, should carry Narcan at all times. At-risk individuals include those with substance abuse disorders, as well as those taking opioids prescribed a doctor. Learn how you can acquire the drug here