Recall Petition Approved for Shasta County Supervisor

The petition to recall Shasta County District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye has been approved by the county’s Registrar of Voters. Organizers collected 4,929 valid signatures from voters, just over the 4,151 needed to qualify for the March 5 ballot. The signatures were certified last week.

Crye’s critics say he has wasted millions of dollars in taxpayer money chasing after discredited conspiracy theories. Crye spearheaded the county’s decision to dump Dominion Voting Systems and go with hand-counting instead. The Legislature has since passed a bill that would prohibit hand-counting in Shasta. That bill is expected to be signed by the governor.

“$16.5 million has gone into just outside counsel in the last two years. We're a million-six [$1.6 million] into replacing a voting system that was perfectly fine, didn't need to be replaced,” recall committee member Dana Silberstein told KRCR. “These kinds of wild schemes are not difficult to share with people.”  

Crye’s distrust of the county’s voting system stems from baseless accusations related to the 2020 presidential election. Those claims have been litigated and debunked, resulting in a $787 million settlement paid by Fox News this year.  

Crye is the board’s newest supervisor. He was sworn in January 2023. The recall means all but one of Shasta County's supervisors will appear on the ballot next year. Supervisors Mary Rickert, Tim Garman, and Patrick Jones are up for re-election in November.