California AG to Review Sexual Assault Claims Against Kern County Supervisor

The California Department of Justice will review allegations of child sexual assault made against Kern County Supervisor Zack Scrivner in lieu of an investigation by the local district attorney’s office. 

Sheriff’s officials were recently called to Scrivner’s home where he was allegedly armed and suffering from a “psychotic episode.” When deputies arrived, they found he had been stabbed by one of his children. The child claimed Scrivner had sexually assaulted them.

Scrivner’s aunt is Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer. She is the person who made the initial 911 call. Due to the potential conflict of interest, California’s Attorney General was asked to review the case.

Although the Kern County DA will not be involved, the local sheriff’s office remains the lead investigating agency. That decision was called into question by Adante Pointer, an attorney with Lawyers for the People, in an interview with KBAK.

“The Attorney General does not step in and become a frontline prosecutor for local cases unless there's some extraordinary circumstance," he said. 

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