Judge Guts DA’s Lawsuit Against City of Sacramento

A judge has scaled back Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho’s lawsuit against the City of Sacramento over homelessness. 

Ho filed suit against the city in September based on three claims:

  1. Sacramento has created a public nuisance by failing to enforce its own laws on homeless encampments 
  2. The city has violated the water code by failing to keep public parks and sidewalks clean from encampments
  3. The city has violated the fish and game code by allowing the pollution of waterways by homelessness encampments 

On Monday, Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Jill H. Talley said only the third claim could move forward. The court gave Ho 30 days to amend his claim. 

Sacramento City Attorney Susana Alcala Wood said it’s time for Ho to drop the lawsuit altogether and work with the city on a solution instead. 

“Playing politics with homelessness helps no one. Right now, both the City and County of Sacramento need to be focused on providing outreach and support to unsheltered residents,” Wood stated. “It is time for the D.A. to finally abandon this exercise and start contributing to the ongoing work to create meaningful and lasting solutions to the homelessness crisis.”

Mayor Darrell Steinberg made a similar plea, calling litigation against the city “a sideshow and an unnecessary distraction.”