BREAKING: Los Angeles County Chief Executive Officer William Fujioka Announces Retirement

Sources recently revealed that Los Angeles' top manager, William Fujioka, has announced his retirement. This departure is in the wake of several other changes in the country's largest county government. 

Fuijoka is 61 years old. He was hired by the LA Board of Supervisors in 2007 to serve as the county's Chief Executive Officer. He will be stepping down in November just as two new supervisors and a new sheriff are elected in the November election.

The board will now have to decide whether or not to find a replacement in the near future before longtime supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Gloria Molina are termed out in December, or after, once the supervisors' successors are seated.

Fuijoka said in an interview that he feels it is "a good time to go," and that he planned on leaving five years after he was hired, but kept his position to help guide the county through its recession-related issues.

No word yet has been released on who will replace him, but he did hint that whoever it was, he or she would need to have experience in a "very large county."