Marin County is Healthiest in US for Children, Report Says

The U.S. News and World Report recently released rankings on the healthiest county for children in the country. The research used a variety of metrics to determine which counties topped the list, including factors such as birthrate, infant mortality, injury-related death rate, poverty, health care, and teen birth rate.

Marin County and San Francisco County were the only two California counties to rank among the top 10 on the list, with Marin coming in first, and San Francisco grabbing the number six spot. Marin’s low poverty rate and its environmental friendliness (resulting in less air pollution) were factors in the county being first in the nation. The research also showed that Marin County children ate about half as much fast food as the average California child.

Finally, Santa Clara County (ranked 16th) also got a special shout out for its policy that half of food and beverages sold in vending machines to meet nutrition guidelines outline by the county.

Other California counties on the list are as follows:

  • San Mateo County, which ranked 11th;
  • Santa Clara County, which ranked 16th;
  • Placer County, which ranked 17th;
  • Orange County, which ranked 24th;
  • San Luis Obispo County, which ranked 26th;
  • Santa Cruz County, which ranked 28th;
  • Yolo County, which ranked 30th;
  • Sonoma County, which ranked 36th;
  • Napa County, which ranked 42nd;
  • El Dorado County, which ranked 43rd;
  • Alameda County, which ranked 45th; and
  • Contra Costa County, which ranked 47th.

Read more about the report here.