New System for Recording Board Votes Boosts Transparency in Humboldt County

Humboldt County Supervisors approved a new system for recording board votes Tuesday, which will allow the public to see motions that have been rejected, as well as how each supervisor voted.

Currently, only approved motions appear on the county records, since failed items are not considered board actions. Going forward, all motions will be included on an action summary available on the county website along with a link to video of the preceding discussion. Any actions taken by the board that are contrary to staff recommendations will also be included on the summary.

The new system is aimed at increasing transparency and providing the public with a better understanding of how the county operates.

"In our view, everything you vote on should be made available to the public," said County Clerk Kathy Hayes.

Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace said the new system also benefits the board, which can now more easily refer back to past, failed motions if it needs to.

"It's really helpful to see the process of discussion," he said.

Read more about the new system here.



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