Children’s advocacy group ranks counties in education, kids health and well-being

An Oakland-based children’s advocacy group has once again released its rankings of all 58 counties and the education, health and economic environment the counties provide for children.

The annual report card from Children Now was released earlier this month.

The 2014-15 California County Scorecard of Children's Well-Being tracks 29 key Education, Health, and Child Welfare and Economic Well-Being indicators in California, across 58 counties, over time, and by race and ethnicity.

By providing a robust snapshot of children’s well-being, the Scorecard encourages the discovery of best practices, fosters collaboration, and supports action by communities, policymakers, and advocates.

El Dorado scored at the top of the list for education. San Francisco, which has its own public health insurance program, top the county list for childrens’ health. A number of smaller counties including Inyo, Napa, and San Benito were at the top of the list for overall economic well being.

But many of those same smaller counties were toward the bottom of the education list.

When it comes to children’s health, Imperial County is at the bottom of the group’s list, receiving only one out of five stars.

Imperial’s populationis 82% Latino and has a poverty rate that is 8 points higher than the state average, according to facts from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The state of California has nearly 9.2 million children who are 52 percent Latino, 27 percent white, 5 percent black and 11 percent Asian, and 5 percent other.

So how did your county do? You can see the entire report card here