Monterey County Sheriff-Elect Fills Top Leadership Spots

Monterey County Sheriff-elect Steve Bernal has selected two trusty sidekicks to help lead his management team. The two deputies, both experienced department outsiders, were announced at a press conference Monday outside the Monterey County Government Center.

Galen Bohner, a lieutenant with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, will serve as undersheriff. During his time in San Bernardino, Bernal’s new right-hand man spearheaded the high desert gang unit—a bold, regional task force dedicated to eradicating gang activity in the area. He is also experienced in corrections and fugitive apprehension.

Bernal also announced retired Monterey Deputy Sheriff Tracy Brown as the new head of patrol and investigations. Brown worked for the department from 1984 to 2011.

“This is part of my family. I truly do love the sheriff’s department,” Brown said. I want the sheriff’s department to do well, serve the community appropriately, and this runs deep through me.”

Bernal’s next order of business is to hire an overseer for the county’s overcrowded jail system. The highly anticipated hire is expected to come from within the department.

Bernal defeated incumbent Sheriff Scott Miller in the Nov. 4 election in what was considered a major political upset. Final vote tallies put Bernal ahead 52 to 48 percent.

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