Fish to Fork Boosters Seek Changes in State Rules

In foodie circles, farm to fork is all the rage. Now one San Diego lawmaker wants to boost the fish to fork movement.

San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox, who is also a member of the state Coastal Commission, is seeking new legislation to boost local fishermen.

Cox said he plans to seek state legislation that would allow for more permanent open-air fish markets and promote locally caught seafood.
"San Diego has a rich and vibrant fishing history, and we need to revive our local fishing industry," Cox told the Associated Press.

"With these proposals, we can create more jobs and feed more families with fish caught fresh out of local waters."

Lawmakers have gone out of their way to boost locally grown products in recent years. Assemblyman Mike Gatto authored a bill allowing local canners and preservers to sell their goods at local farmers markets. In San Francisco, lawmakers there were able to pass changes to the state tax code to promote urban agriculture.



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