Disneyland linked to measles outbreak

It may be known as the happiest place on Earth, but Disneyland is also being linked to more than 20 new cases of measles, according to health officials.


The outbreak has spread to four states. Cases have now been reported in California, Utah, Colorado and Washington. The California Department of Health continues to investigate what caused the outbreak as number of confirmed cases rises almost daily


Mickey said there’d be days like this.


The initial outbreak, reported on Wednesday, confirmed nine measles for recent Disneyland visitors — seven people in California and two in Utah.

Since then, the number of California cases has jumped to 16. The California Department of Health confirmed 14 as of Friday, the last day it kept count,

Disneyland said in a prepared statement Wednesday that it is working with the California Department of Health in its investigation. The park has not made a statement about the increase in infections.

The Department of Health believes the outbreak came from either an international visitor or an American Disneyland attendee returning from an overseas trip.

In the meantime, vaccinate your kids.