Solano County to consider expansion of no smoking zones


The Solano County Board of Supervisors will consider an expansion of its smoke-free policy to include all county-owned property.

“The Board will consider a recommendation from staff to prohibit smoking on county owned or leased facilities, including all enclosed and unenclosed areas, including buildings, grounds, parks, parking lots, stairwells and surrounding sidewalks,” according to the Solano Reporter.

The ban includes a prohibition on a lighted cigarette of any kind, including cigars and pipes, a lighted smoke inhalation device, or an operating electronic cigarette.

“Solano County has demonstrated its previous and ongoing commitment to providing healthy, comfortable, and productive environments for its employees and the general public by investing in newly constructed and renovated facilities, instituting an employee wellness program and prohibiting smoking within county buildings,” staff said in a report to the board.

Local governments around the state are struggling with prohibitions on electronic cigarettes, or vaping devices. Many are extending smoke-free policies to include electronic devices, and state lawmakers continue to seek regulations that would ensure electronic cigarettes fall under the same rules as other tobacco products.