35 CA Counties Expand Healthcare to Undocumented Immigrants

The County Medical Services Program (CMSP) that manages the counties’ healthcare services voted in favor of the decision this past Thursday.

The CMSP’s 35 county contingent is mainly made up of the smaller northern CA counties, but also reaches into central and southern California.

Health Access California’s executive director Anthony Wright described the benefits of the CMSP’s decision, "Even if these are not the most populated counties, for this to be available in nearly half of the geography of California is an important step."

The changes made last Thursday are projected to cost between $6 and $9 million for the first two years. The program will likely be implemented at the beginning of next year.

Wright added that the decision could spur other counties to revisit their policies affecting those here illegally. Sacramento County supervisors also voted to expand healthcare coverage to undocumented immgirants this month. Advocates in Contra Costa and Monterey Counties are pressing for similar steps to be taken by county officials.

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Image Credit: Flickr User pictures-of-money, https://flic.kr/p/rqzjAw via (CC BY 2.0)