CALmatters Launching Soon to Focus on California Matters

Billing itself as, “A nonprofit, nonpartisan media venture producing compelling stories on policies, personalities and money in Sacramento.” CALmatters is on a mission to bring clarity to the murky depths of what goes on within the California capital.

Editor Gregory Farve described the CALmatters mission, “Our goal is to do long-form explanatory pieces and deeply reported narratives on state policies and political topics, many of which are essentially unknown and have major consequences for citizens in the state of California…” 

The site is lining up for a July launch and is currently hashing out details on distribution deals. One thing contributing to the uniqueness of CALmatters is the intent for all content to be provided to its distribution network free of charge. Again Farve stressed the importance of informing the public, “Our goal is to get our stories out there and be seen by as many Californians as possible.”

The project is also looking to get into the data game, building out data sets and the ability to generate special reports. The ability to make bulk legislative data and information available to the masses is something that the California Legislature has lagged on thus far, but projects like CALmatters and Digital Democracy could offer a more timely solution.

To preview CALmatters, click here. 

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