Riverside County Supervisors get Quiet Pay Bump

The automatic raise resulted from Superior Court judges getting a 2.4% raise on July 1 and the supervisor’s base salary is tied to the salary of the judges.

In all, Riverside County Supervisors now earn a base salary of $151,233 per annum, bumped up from $147,688. Supervisors make 80% of what Superior Court judges do.

Of the County’s five supers, only one declined the pay raise, Supervisor Kevin Jeffries. Marion Ashley, John Benoit, John Tavaglione, and Chuck Washington all accepted it. None of the four were available for comment.

The pay hike, which never made it onto any agenda nor mentioned at any public meeting drew criticism from some.

Open Government advocate Peter Scheer is with the First Amendment Coalition out of San Rafael. Scheer said, “It’s legal (but) it’s terrible public policy. They should repeal that law and if they think they deserve a raise, have a discussion in public and vote on it.”

In comparison to neighboring Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Riverside supervisors now make a few thousand more than their Orange counterparts. However, L.A. Supers still clear nearly $40K more in base salary.

Further reading on the Riverside County Supervisor pay raise can be found here.

Image Credit: Flickr User pictures-of-money, https://flic.kr/p/rkTanp via (CC BY 2.0)