Santa Clara County Jail Guards Charged With Inmate’s Murder

Three Santa Clara County Correctional Deputies have been arrested and charged with the murder of a mentally ill jail inmate who was found beaten and bloody in his cell last month.

Jereh Catbagan Lubrin, Matthew Thomas Farris, and Rafael Rodriguez were arrested on Sept. 3, one week after the body of 27-year-old inmate Michael Tyree was discovered. The homeless individual, who had also suffered from schizophrenia, had just completed his sentence on petty theft and drug charges and was about to be transferred to a psychiatric facility.

According to investigators, the beating began sometime after 10:38 p.m. after some type of altercation ensued. Shortly before the fatal blow is believed to have occurred, the inmate could be heard screaming, “I’m sorry!” from inside his jail cell.

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith addressed the incident during an emotional press conference last week.

“The disgust and disappointment I feel cannot be overstated,” Smith said In addition to the murder, the three correctional deputies have also been charged for assaulting another inmate, Juan Villa.

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