Agenda Policy would Set Ventura County Board Apart from Others

A whole week’s notice! That is what Ventura County may soon be giving in regard to publishing their upcoming Board of Supervisor meeting agendas.

Ventura County conducted a poll and found that only two other counties published their agendas to the public ahead of time, Kern and San Luis Obispo counties.

This would be a win for interest groups of all stripes as quick turnaround on issues coming to a vote can leave folks scrambling to understand the issue and mobilize concerned constituents.

The proposal comes from an August argument between Supervisors Steve Bennett and Linda Parks. Bennett had proposed the stopping of public funding of limited sidewalk repairs just days before the vote. Parks asked the board to require controversial issues to be included in a board document at least two weeks before any hearing or votes on the issues.

Parks’ first proposal was defeated in a split vote with the majority calling her proposal too vague. The week after, the board directed County Executive Officer to review the policies already in place and suggest changes promoting transparency, timeliness, and public participation.

If the resulting proposal is approved, a draft agenda would be published listing items that the board expects to be discussed at the next meeting, though they might lack detailed staff reports. It would also not expressly prohibit a supervisor or department head from adding something to the agenda late in the week, so long as it meets the 72-hour legal deadline.

Ventura County supes will hear the proposal tomorrow morning.

More on this proposal can be found here.


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