One Northern California D.A. is Waging an Unprecedented War Against Perjury

Despite the role it has played in nearly 1,900 wrongful convictions since 1989, the act of perjury remains one of the most under-prosecuted crimes in the nation. But that could soon change in one Northern California region, thanks to Lake County District Attorney Don Anderson.

Anderson was fed up with all the lying he has witnessed in the courtroom, so he decided to set up what may be the country's first ever prosecution team dedicated solely to perjury cases. The unit filed its first case this month and is currently investigating several others.

Most of Anderson’s fellow prosecutors have lauded the move, but they do note that perjury cases are notoriously difficult to try. Not only does a prosecutor have to prove intent, but there are many cases in which a witness feels forced to deceive out of fear for their own lives.

Read more about Anderson’s anti-perjury project and some of the cases his team is working on here.

Image Credit: Flickr User jasoneppink, via (CC BY 2.0)