Condé Nast’s 26 Most ‘Haunted’ Places in America Features Four California Sites

Happy Halloween, everyone! We’re celebrating the spookiest day of the year with a look at Condé Nast Traveler's 2018 list of the most haunted places in America.

California is a lot younger than some states, so we don’t often get the chilling mentions that states like Virginia or even Louisiana do. But we still have plenty to offer in terms of paranormal activity.

An old penitentiary in Pennsylvania took the No. 1 spot on Condé Nast’s list, but an uber famous house in California’s Bay Area was runner-up.

The Winchester Mystery House might be one the most disturbing construction projects in history. Following the death of her husband and child, Sarah Winchester (wife of the rifle-maker's son) was informed by a seer that her family was killed by the ghosts of gunshot victims. To keep away the vengeful spirits, she commissioned the Victorian fun house-turned-macabre dwelling that you see today. Some of the creepier features include staircases that lead directly into the ceiling, doors that open onto brick walls, and windows that can take you to secret passages.

Of course, you can’t have a good haunt without the Queen Mary in Long Beach. It took the No. 13 spot on this list. The retired British ocean liner has been the site of alleged ghostly encounters for over four decades.

Other famous California haunts that received a mention this year: San Francisco’s Queen Anne Hotel and the Whaley House in San Diego.

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