These Are the 10 Counties Where Most ICE Deportations Occur

California and Texas lead the way when it comes to deportation of undocumented immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

A new study by Syracuse University ranked the 10 U.S. counties where most immigrant deportations occur based on FBI fingerprint data from Oct. 2017 to June 2018. Five were in Texas, four were in California, and one was in Arizona.

According to the study, Texas, California, and Georgia see the most deportations under ICE’S Secure Communities Program with monthly expulsions at 1,975, 1,087, and 423 respectively.

These were the 10 counties where the most deportations occurred:

1. El Paso, TX
2. Maricopa, AZ
3. Harris, TX
4. Orange, CA
5. Howard, TX
6. Los Angeles, CA
7. Dallas, TX
8. Hidalgo, TX
9. Imperial, CA
10. Kern, CA