The CARES Act Allocates $15.3 Billion to California. Here’s How Much Cities and Counties Are Entitled To.

The U.S. CARES Act allots $150 billion to struggling state and local governments through the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF). Those dollars are based on population size. According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, California is entitled to about $15.3 billion, including $5.8 billion for cities and counties. Local jurisdictions with at least 500,000 people are eligible to receive those funds.

The LAO has broken down the funding that 16 counties and 5 cities in California are eligible to receive. Keep in mind these are estimates. The LAO writes that these estimates “might differ slightly from Treasury’s ultimate allocation to individual local governments due to differences in population estimates for cities.”

CARES Funding Available to California‘s Local Governments in Millions (LAO)

Alameda County

Contra Costa County

Fresno County

Fresno City

Kern County

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles City

Orange County

Riverside County

Sacramento County

Sacramento City

San Bernardino County

San Diego County

San Diego City

San Francisco

San Joaquin County

San Mateo County

Santa Clara County

San Jose

Stanislaus County

Ventura County