Grass Valley Cannabis Company Steps Up to Help First Responders

Grass Valley-based cannabis company Jahlibyrd has delivered 15,000 N95 masks to police and other emergency personnel. Another 25,000 are expected. The company has also donated 20,000 feet of space to The Food Bank of Nevada County and is partnering with a vodka distillery to create hand sanitizer.

The Penn Valley Fire Protection District expressed gratitude for the supplies it received. “We were running pretty low on our stock order of masks,” said District Captain Jon Pitts (The Union) . “We’re able to use these on a daily basis.”

The North San Juan Fire Department is also benefitting. The department expected to receive around 200 masks from Jahlibyrd.

Nevada City Councilman Doug Fleming, who heads The Food Bank of Nevada County’s board of directors, praised Jahlibyrd for its contributions, saying it “has really helped us to stockpile more food (because) the need, really, it’s just gone through the roof.”

“They’re just an amazing group of people,” said Nevada County Executive Director Nicole McNeely. “They’re really wanting to help the community.”

Companies like Jahlibyrd are stepping up to help their communities even as they face their own economic uncertainties. Unlike traditional businesses, the cannabis industry does not qualify for federal loans or assistance of any kind due its to federal status as an illegal drug.



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