Orange County Becomes a Mask-Optional Zone

Orange County residents will no longer be required to wear face coverings in public, the new interim health officer announced Thursday. The policy had become a source of ire for residents and some elected officials. After a campaign of harassment from anti-mask protesters, the county’s former health chief Dr. Nichole Quick resigned.

Quick’s replacement, Dr. Clayton Chau, has picked an interesting time to reverse the policy. At least 19 states, including California, are seeing a spike in cases and/or hospitalizations. Experts warn we could already be experiencing a second wave—assuming we ever exited the first. Orange County gyms and day camps also opened on Friday.

“We want to be more consistent with the state,” Chau explained, noting that masks are encouraged but not required by the state. “This does not diminish the importance of face coverings.”

Tell that to the mob.