Some L.A. County Cities Want Their Own Health Departments

A growing number of cities have lost faith in the Los Angeles County Health Department and want to form their own agencies to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fox 11 recently spoke to the mayors of Beverly Hills, Whittier, and Lancaster about the idea. It’s not without precedent. Long Beach and Pasadena already have their own health departments. They’ve been able to avoid the outdoor dining shutdown that has befallen the rest of the county as a result.

The idea would cost millions of dollars and likely wouldn’t get off the ground for another year or more. By then, experts say we would have a widely available coronavirus vaccine. So for now, Los Angeles County cities are watching small businesses flounder as the pandemic rages on, forcing unbelievably difficult decisions and tradeoffs.

It’s yet another reminder to support your local small business in any way you can.