COVID Vaccination Rates by County

California had administered 4,453,271 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Feb. 6. That means around 8.6% of Californians have now received a dose. The Los Angeles Times is keeping track of the number of vaccines counties have administered. Its rankings generally show smaller counties leading the way.

Mono is first on the list with 28,192.5 doses administered for every 100,000 people. It is followed by Alpine (23,606.3); Sierra (17,679.2); Napa (17,225.5); Marin (16,122.5); Butte (15,429.7); Mendocino (15,219.3); Placer (14,706.8), San Diego (14,268.3); and Contra Costa (14,169.1).

San Diego is well ahead of its neighbors in SoCal neighbors. Orange has administered 11,442.8 doses and LA has administered 10,924. Riverside has administered just 8,831.5 and San Bernardino 8,721.5

The counties with the lowest vaccination rates as of Feb. 6 are Trinity (4,400.6), Mariposa (4,640.8), Tehama (4,852.2), Kings (5,008.2), and Colusa (5,306.6).

In an effort to improve the vaccine rollout, California is preparing to centralize the process. Not everyone is happy about that.

“That really, really fries me,” Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman said, as quoted by the Associated Press. “Sacramento’s being stupid by taking away something that we’re doing and thinking they can do it better.”

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