Some Riverside County Supervisors “Enraged” Over Vaccine Inequities

Riverside County supervisors are furious over a coronavirus vaccine shortage which they blame on a state algorithm that favors counties with more health care workers. The problem is serious enough that officials began to worry last week whether some people would be able to get their second doses in time.

Dr. Geoffrey Leung with the Riverside University Health System told the Board of Supervisors that the county does not have enough doses to vaccinate everyone who is eligible and that the county is living “week by week.” The county had received 268,450 vaccine doses as of Feb 9 and had distributed all but 11,000.

Wealthier counties like Santa Clara and San Diego have gotten more doses because a higher percentage of their residents are health care workers. That has “enraged” officials like 5th District Supervisor Jeff Hewitt, who believes senior citizens should be first in line.

As County News previously reported, Stanislaus County officials have also expressed frustration over vaccine inequities.

The vaccine shortages come one month before the state is set to drastically expand eligibility. Starting March 15, Californians 16-64 with certain preexisting conditions will be able to get vaccinated. These conditions include severe obesity, hypertension, and Type II Diabetes.



Monday, January 29, 2024 - 11:03

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